This is re-fer

Quality and customer satisfaction

With our products we guarantee state-of-the-art designs and innovative methodologies for the strengthening and reinforcement of existing structures, as well as for prestressing new constructions and prefabricated components. In our daily interactions with customers, we fully anticipate high expectations, in terms of both the quality of our products and our

working methods, and are able to meet and exceed those expectations through our customer centered approach. We work with well-defined processes to generate efficient, technologically progressive and optimized solutions for the customer. We place high priority on communication and proximity to our customers.

Optimally qualified employees

We promote both personal and professional development opportunities for our employees. Moreover, we involve our employees directly in the businesses’ affairs, offer a communicative atmosphere, and create thereby a constructive, tolerant and pleasant working environment.

Our employees are appropriately qualified for their respective positions and along with their entrepreneurial and active way of thinking, are entrusted with highly responsible tasks and projects. We continually strive to provide an attractive work environment for our employees.


Historical milestones

2012Foundation of re-fer AG
2012First production of large quantities of alloy in laboratory
2014First industrial production of Fe-SMA alloy
2016Moving in offices Brunnen CH
2016Completion of the processing factory and offices in Müllheim DE
2016Validation trials of the re-plate system at Empa CH
2017First pilot project with re-plate


September 2014Winner of the Empa Innovation Award
February 2015Qualification for the finals of the Pionierpreis 2015

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