Tested additional products in combination re-plate

fire protection

re-plate can be protected with various Sika fire protection mortars. For a high degree of reinforcement and residual safety in the event of failure of re-plate under the action of heat, object-specific fire protection measures are required. Depending on the field of application, the easily appliable fire protection measures can be designed based on the valid Sika product documentation­.


Indoor cement-based application:

VKF fire protection approval in process. Test report MFPA Leipzig, Germany: No. G5 6.1/18.076-1


Outdoor application/cement-based tunnel construction:


Further system-tested mortars from the Sika Monotop® series are available for outdoor applications. Fire protection measures and the specified layer thicknesses are reference values and must be verified in accordance with the local official regulations and standards.


corrosion protection

An additional heat-resistant corrosion protection is recommended for the strengthening of components in chloride contaminated environments (exposed to direct spray-water, swimming baths, etc.).


Tested additional products in combination re-bar

The memory steel inserted in concrete or cementitious mortar is subject to the same regulations and standards as traditional steel reinforcement. For detailed information please contact the technical support of re-fer.


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