In close collaboration with Empa, re-fer has applied several patents associated with the SMA technology. The exclusive rights for the material’s use for construction lie with re-fer. The collaborative research at Empa is funded through various research projects as well as contract research.

Current experiments provide information about the long-term behavior, the corrosion resistance, and the application possibilities in retrofitting. The following chart shows results of the strengthening systems re-plate.




Due to the retrofitting with re-fer Fe-SMA, there has been significant improvement in structural behavior and serviceability. A clear enhancement in cracking load of 70-170% could be observed. Also, the deflection at failure was increased by 57-100%. As a result of the easily applicable Fe-SMA prestressing system, there is no need for hydraulic jacks and complicated anchoring techniques. A considerably better overall structural performance, compared to unstressed EBR CFRP lamella (ductile material behavior and no debonding), has been obtained.




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