Balcony Münchenstein

Münchenstein, Switzerland

Project description
As part of a conversion in an apartment building, a concrete ceiling was reinforced in bending in the negative moment range. For the reinforcement of the existing ceiling 10 re-bar bars with a diameter of 16 mm were applied in the variant ‘backfilling in cut groove’.

re-fer product
The 10 memory steel re-bars with a length of 3 m were inserted into the previously cut slots and anchored at both ends with a grouting mortar. After hardening of the mortar the activation by the infrared radiant heater took place in the free length. Finally, the remaining length of the slot was filled with mortar.

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Münchenstein, Switzerland


Construction firm
Stahlton with support by re-fer technical service

Bending tensile reinforcement of a plate, increase of serviceability and load carrying capacity




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