For re-plate

re-IR 3000 Infrared heater

«re-IR 3000» infrared heater with mobile and spring support, control module and integrated temperature sensor. The device is designed for a maximum room height of 3.00 m and requires a 3x400V, CEE16 3LNPE power connection on-site.


re-T Support

Quick support with attachable T-piece (length: 1.40 m) for a maximum room height of 3.00 m. The free hanging length of re-plate must be less than 70 cm.


Tested Hilti direct fastening

re-plate was tested as a system with Hilti X-CR 48 P8 S15 nails, which are applied with the appropriate DX 5 powder actuated setting tool.


For re-bar

To activate re-bar, different variants are possible depending on the system: a) infrared radiant heater re-IR 1500, b) electric resistive heater re-EL.


Heating with infrared radiant heater re-IR 1500 re-IR 1500

«re-IR 1500» infrared heater with handle, control module and integrated temperature sensor. The device only needs a 220V power connection.
The temperature control is executed with a separate handset.


elektrisches Aufheizen mit re-EL

«re-EL» heating systems use the electrical resistance of memory-steel to heat re-bar under control. On request.

In order to ensure proper use of the electric heater, re-bar must be fixed to the substrate before the groove filling, but must also be electrically insulated from the internal reinforcing steel. Plastic electrical insulators have been developed for this purpose.


Electrical insulators

“re-clip” (Ø12 mm) is set on the existing reinforcement to fix re-bar onto it.

Place «re-bolt» in the drilled hole (Ø8 mm) and fix re-bar to re-bolt with binding wire or cable tie.

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