31. August 2020

Reinforcement of a prestressed bridge girder

A bridge girder was locally damaged by road traffic and prestrssed strands were damaged. Within two hours the reinforcement was performed with re-plate.
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17. August 2020

Flexural and punching strengthening, Postal distribution center Zurich airport

Due to an insufficient flexural and punching reinforcement, a reinforced concrete slab had to be strengthened.
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19. December 2019

Postdoc position at Empa

In the area of reinforced concrete columns strengthened with memory-steel, Empa D├╝bendorf offers a postdoc position. The project is carried out in collaboration with …

28. October 2019

Vault strengthening at the underground station Jungfraujoch

In the framework of several extension works in the underground railway station at the Jungfraujoch, re-bars were embedded in a sprayed mortar layer to …

27. August 2019

SMAR Conference 2019

re-fer is present again at the SMAR 2019. Organized by the Swiss Empa and German BAM, the conference taking place in Potsdam from August …

16. March 2018

Prestressing the future

A new video presents the latest research and development activities at the ‘University of Balearic Islands’. The team under the guidance of Prof. Toni …


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