memory®-steel Easy and efficient prestressing

With an increasing demand for productivity, elegance, and practicality, the construction industry is always forced to find new methods and seek out innovation. Developments of new products and technologies are constantly required.

re-fer has set itself these goals and provides different reinforcing systems for the structural engineering domain. Especially maintenance and the associated life-time extension will be key concerns in the future. As supplier of a Shape Memory Alloy (abbr.: SMA), re-fer allows for an easy and novel prestressing technique for retrofitting, new construction, and prefabrication. In addition to the SMA technology, re-fer offers further products for applications in strengthening to distributors and end-users.

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31. August 2020

Reinforcement of a prestressed bridge girder

A bridge girder was locally damaged by road traffic and prestrssed strands were damaged. Within two hours the reinforcement was performed with re-plate.
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17. August 2020

Flexural and punching strengthening, Postal distribution center Zurich airport

Due to an insufficient flexural and punching reinforcement, a reinforced concrete slab had to be strengthened.
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19. December 2019

Postdoc position at Empa

In the area of reinforced concrete columns strengthened with memory-steel, Empa Dübendorf offers a postdoc position. The project is carried out in collaboration with …


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