Kurtheater Baden

Baden, Switzerland

Project description
As part of the renovation work at the Kurtheater Baden, several reinforced concrete beams had to be retrofitted with pre-stressed shear reinforcements. The principle of the embedded re-bar was chosen for this purpose. Previously, the side surfaces and the underside were hydromechanically removed. After pre-drilling the plates, the U-shaped stirrups made of memory steel could be positioned. The holes in the plate were then filled with grout, and the remaining side surfaces were covered with a levelling mortar after installing a formwork. The final activation (prestressing) of the stirrups was carried out by resistive heating.

re-fer product
The memory steel re-bars were previously formed into U-shaped stirrups and installed on the construction site.

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Baden, Switzerland

May to July 2019

Theaterstiftung Region Baden-Wettingen

Construction firm
SikaBau Aarau

Engineering office
WaltGalmarini AG, Zurich (CH)

re-bar in flowing mortar

prestressed shear reinforcement


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