Wall strengthening in a shopping centre in Mellingen

Mellingen AG, Switzerland

As a consequence of a large wall demolition, a remaining part with a width of 2 m had to be strengthened in flexure. Due to the wind loads, flexural load carrying capacity had to be enhanced. A solution with re-bars, which were embedded in a sprayed mortar layer on one side and welded to a steel angle LNP itself mechanically anchored to the floor slab, was chosen. The steel profile was anchored to the slab by means of Hilti HIT anchor bolts. After sufficient cure oft he sprayed mortar, the bars were heated and hence activated with a gas torch to a temperature >160°C. Finally, the free surface between the anchorage regions was also covered with a sprayed mortar layer.

re-fer Product
12 re-bars

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Wall strengthening, flexural strengthening

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