re-bar - Bending reinforcement of reinforced concrete

re-bar is a prestressing steel made of memory steel in form of a ribbed steel bar. The product is an efficient and easy-to-install reinforcement measure, especially for the strengthening of buildings. The material is pre-stretched by re-fer in the factory to a permanent deformation and delivered to the construction site according to the parts list. After roughening the substrate, or after making milling cuts, re-bar is fixed to the concrete. The system-tested mortar is then applied to the anchoring area. After hardening, re-bar is heated to >220°C with re-fer infrared radiant heater and pre-stressed. The area between the anchors is now poured out. The applied ribbed steel acts as an embedded system in the composite.


Increase of load capacity

  • in the event of live or traffic load increase
  • for conversion of buildings
  • for changes to the static load-carrying system
  • for damaged structural parts

Increase of serciveability

  • by reduction of deflections
  • by closing or reducing crack widths

Seismic strengthening

  • thanks to large ductility

Shear reinforcement

  • thanks to overpressing and reducing shear cracks


  • dank Überdrücken der Schubrisse

Prestressing of new or existing reinforced concrete beams and plates

  • very good corrosion resistance (CRC 1)
  • meets requirements against stress corrosion cracking
  • easy handling, fast application
  • simple and efficient prestressing


  • Safety data sheet
  • Application instructions
  • Prestressing control inquiry
  • Temperature control protocol


System tested with memory-steel

1 Horizontal reprofilling mortar: re-bar embedded in Sika MonoTop-452 N «Reprofilling mortar»

2 Overhead/Vertical in sprayed mortar: re-bar embedded in Sika MonoTop-422 PCC «Sprayed mortar»

3 Grouting in the slot: re-bar embedded in SikaGrout-311 «fluid mortar»


  • memory-steel re-bar

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