re-plate - Prestressing reinforced concrete

re-plate is a prestressing steel made of memory steel in form of a strip. The product is an efficient and easy-to-install reinforcement measure, especially for strengthening of buildings. The material is pre-strained by re-fer in the plant up to a permanent deformation, pre-punched at both ends and delivered to the construction site. The strip is then mechanically anchored at both ends in the concrete base using Hilti direct fastening. To activate re-plate, and hence prestress it, the memory steel is heated to a temperature between 100 and 220°C (depending on the required prestress level) by an infrared radiant heater of re-fer. re-plate acts as a prestressed, external tendon without bond.


Increase of load capacity

  • in the event of live or traffic load increase
  • for conversion of buildings
  • for changes to the static load-carrying system
  • for damaged structural parts

Increase of serviceability

  • by reduction of deflections
  • by closing or reducing crack widths

Seismic strengthening

  • thanks to a large ductility

Prestressing of existing reinforced concrete beams and plates

  • very good corrosion resistance (CRC 1)
  • easy handling, fast application
  • simple and efficient prestressing
  • low overall height
  • easy to transport
  • strip crossings possible

Application on reinforced concrete

1 Provisionally fix re-plate with T-supports and pre-drill concrete substrate 2 Mechanical end anchoring with Hilti powder actuated tool and system-tested stainless bolts (X-CR 48 P8 S15) 3 Step-wise heating with re-fer infrared radiant heater 4 Temperature control of re-plate with sensor / create protocol 5 re-plate completely applied and pre-stressed


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